Merle at Stiftung Hamburg Maritim | Hamburg

Living in Hamburg also means living by the water. With the Elbe in reach most hanseatic people just love to hang around the beach on hot days, watching the ships go by bringing goods from all over the world. […]

Anna-Maria at Wohlerspark | Hamburg

It was a long way till I found finally a date for a shooting with Anna-Maria. She was injured, I had no time, but after almost one year we made it. And I was more than happy she agreed […]

Lina at Fanø | Denmark

There‘s a saying: Third time is a charm. I already had two wonderfull shootings with Lina, but this one wasn‘t really planed at all. Whenever I can I try to involve my dancers or models into my commercial projects […]

Fiona & Jamie at Stadtpark | Hamburg

So this time it had to be the central park. First thing you may notice there is how hughe it is, wide open areas but also secret places you can be for yourself. And don’t forget about one of […]

Svitlana at Neustadt | Hamburg

Some may have noticed that the weather is kind of a big deal for us. Well, if it’s sunny and stable, it’s not, but specially in months like april it’s a real pain in the butt. Sun, clouds, rain, […]

  • Music: Wonderfull Roger Subirana
    Choreography / Dance: Beautifull Lara Hahnel

    For more information about the project please visit

urban ballet – The video

Anncathrin at Harbour City | Hamburg

Spring is here, whoohoo. Or at least it was for one day. Lucky us we chose the only sunny and warm day within the whole week for our shooting, karma rules!

Generally I don’t shoot a location twice, but the […]

Stephanie at Bunker Steintorwall | Hamburg

Four weeks ago I saw a tv documentation about bunkers in Berlin, wondering if there’s something similar in Hamburg. Few minutes of web search later I found the homepage of Hamburger Unterwelten e.V. which is […]

Lina at U4 | Hamburg

First shooting of the year started with a big bang! Great location, great dancer, but one at a time.

The city of Hamburg has built a new subway line to make the new harbour city more accessable to people working […]

Kira at Planten un Bloomen | Hamburg

Few weeks ago I had the pleasure to meet with Kira at Planten un Bloomen, maybe the most famous park in Hamburg. Known for its rich vegetation and wide, open space it attracts a lot of people every day, […]