We were lucky enough to catch one of the last summer days for a shooting we both wanted for so long. But as things happen, it took us almost two years to get it done. Our location was at the upper end of the Alster and the beginning of its valley. Even a lot of locals don’t know this beautiful route along the river, with lots of green and parks around it. You have to cross a few lovely old wood bridges along a way looking a bit like old castle walls, trees along the river hanging its leafs in the water. People with canoes and SUP’s love the small rivers with its hughe variety of spots.

We started right at the beginning and made our way through some people also enjoying the warm sunrays at a warm friday afternoon after work. To work with Adrienne was quite easy because she’s not afraid of anything, willing to try everything and offers a lot of different poses and possibilities. So we tried a pose, discussed the picture and made just little changes to get what we wanted to. Picking the right shot directly we had our final selection right after the shooting, how much more professional can it get? And that’s what she is: A real pro in any situation. Any doubts? Just look at the pictures!


City: Hamburg
Location: Hayns Park
Dancer: Adrienne