Summer has gone, and the last days of autumn show us their beautiful colours. So no time to waste for the last round this year!

Aleksandra wrote me a few weeks ago interested in participating. Which doesn’t happen as often as you might think! Sad but true: Most dancers seem to be too shy for a speculative application, thinking they’re not good enough or can’t hold the level. Guys, we don’t bite! As easy as the pictures might look, it’s mostly hard work on both sides to capture the perfect moment. And in general it doesn’t happen on the first try. So don’t be frightened, we’re here to support you!

As a good friend of mine works at Kampnagel it was quite uncomplicated to get a shooting permission. As commercial as every company has to act, this institution is still open for experiments and cultural art projects which reflects pretty much in their program. So if you haven’t been there yet give it a shot, it’s worth it!

The area itself is a nice little playground for a dancer offering a lot of possibilities. So we walked around looking for some spots to shoot at which happened every few feet. As we’re talking about not so lovely temperatures at the end of november we warmed up a few times in the sun to continue with new energy. Aleksandra really acted like a pro and made it look so easy. Whatever you might been looking for: With her you’ll get the full package! Beautiful movements combined with charisma and skills made this shooting a real pleasure for me. Thank you very much Aleks!

And last but not least a huge thanks to the lovely staff from Kampnagel for supporting our project!

City: Hamburg
Location: Kampnagel
Dancer: Aleksandra