Once a year, there’s a small but growing festival in the outskirts of Hamburg: The MS Dockville festival. Located outside of Wilhelmsburg using a wide area of wild space it’s not only a music festival for one weekend, but connected with the MS Artville, a platform for several artists used for all kinds of installations, photography, painting and a lot of stuff in between. Some friends of mine show their art there so from time to time I visit them, take a few pictures and just enjoy the chilling atmosphere. Last year the Artville made a hughe step so I decided to shoot there with a dancer to combine still installations and art space with movement to create some new tension. Because of construction works on the area we were only able to shoot at a few days, and guess what: It rained. A lot. As the whole area is just build on grass and dirt it all turned into a big mudpit which made it unusuable for a dance shooting. But as a big boy from austria once said in a movie: I’ll be back!

So I met with Alice and best weather conditions at the festival. To make it short: We just let it float. Just a few steps from one spot to another made this part very easy, and shooting with Alice was just a pleasure. Describing herself as a chiller she’s quite a relaxed person, down to earth and far away from spreading any stress. But don’t let youself deceive by that first impression, when it comes to a pose she just explodes with energy and creativity which resulted in one of the most efficient shootings I ever had.


City: Hamburg
Location: MS Artville
Dancer: Alice