It was a long way till I found finally a date for a shooting with Anna-Maria. She was injured, I had no time, but after almost one year we made it. And I was more than happy she agreed to go to my favourite park in Hamburg, the Wohlerspark. Few years ago it was kind of a secret for the real people of Hamburg, but after a newspaper article calling it the most beautiful place in Hamburg it wasn’t any more. Originally it was a real cemetary called Friedhof Norderreihe and has a real interesting history. Used as an active burial place since 1831, from 1897 no more burials were allowed. People used it as a plantation for vegetables and fruits as well as a resource for fire wood after WWII. In 1979, after some cosmetic changes,  it was officially given to public use and is since then one of Hamburgs most famous parks. You still find some old graves and stones, so history is still present.

The park is not that big, so we made a quick round, picked some spots and started pretty quickly. Anna-Maria is a perfectionist as me, so we found the figures fast and then just worked on small details. Interesting to see that she was one of the first dancers really questioning herself about what move would fit the actual environment, not only to show a figure but creating a whole picture. So besides her skills, flexibility and very professional way of working it was really a pleasure to meet a girl so warm-hearted, lovely and openminded.


City: Hamburg
Location: Wohlerspark
Dancer: Anna-Maria