We survived!

That may describe our shooting best. It all started that it took us double the time to get to the location, thanks to some traffic jam. Two hours later a ship came in that fast that its wave flooded our stuff and washed away my sunglasses. Few minutes later Asja couldn’t feel her foot after it got stuck in a crotch which may be the reason why she felt from a tree stump into the water just seconds later.

So far the bad news. The good or even better news: We had perfect weather, a beautiful spot and I had an amazing dancer just in front of my lense. The Hedlinger Schanze is a local recreation area right next to a integral nature reserve, ironicly with europe’s biggest overhead line tower right in the middle. Sometime I come here to slow me down from everyday speed in the city, good place to recover and free your mind. Placed right between the Elbe and the bank it looks at some places just like the carribean. You got old trees right next to the water, beach, reed and some hidden places too. But what Asja really convinced to go there was an old door, placed right next on to the bank. Honestly, how often do you get something like this?

Asja is a pro, creative, fully trained, beautiful, congenial. Climbing trees as she never did something else, making every pose perfect and never too frightened to try something out we really had fun during our shooting. Started at 2pm and getting back at 10:30pm it was one of my longest and nicest meetings ever. So thank you very much for your time, your performance and a wonderful afternoon.


City: Hamburg
Location: Hetlinger Schanze
Dancer: Asja