Although it’s getting colder every day this ain’t a bar for some people to shoot outside, and least of all for dancers. So I found myself on a cloudy day at the Elbe with Britta, and it was worth every single minute! As we started shooting so did the rain, but after an hour the clouds broke up and we enjoyed the fortune of some warm sunrays and dramatic clouds in the background. Lucky us!

If I had to describe Britta in one word it would be professional. As I was covered with some warm clothes (but got a cold in the end anyway) she climbed about slippy rocks and stepped into the freezing water as it was nothing. Holding a pose for as long as necessary in absolute accuracy, repeating jumps on and on for hours without a single moaning. In total we had six hours of shooting which is, at least under these conditions, outstanding. So I send some warm words (she has a cold now too) and my full respect to one of the toughest and most talented dancers I was able to met and work with. Thank you!


City: Hamburg
Location: Elbe
Dancer: Britta