Aleksandra at Kampnagel | Hamburg

Summer has gone, and the last days of autumn show us their beautiful colours. So no time to waste for the last round this year!

Aleksandra wrote me a few weeks ago interested in participating. Which doesn’t happen as often as […]

Svan at Friedhof Ohlsdorf | Hamburg

Shooting in a cemetery? I know what you think…


The Friedhof Ohlsdorf, located in the north of Hamburg, is an active cemetery. Since its beginning over 1,4 million burials, about 5000 every year. So why in god’s name a ballet shooting […]

Lara at Botanischer Garten | Hamburg

That was awesome! But let’s get started right at the beginning…

Lara wrote me a year ago and asked for a shooting, no question what my answer was. Long story short: we finally made it! Our first location selection was pretty […]

Sofie at Falkensteiner Ufer | Hamburg

Finally, a shooting! First one this year in july, shame on me, but sometimes things just won’t match, no matter how hard you try. One of the biggest rules at urban ballet is “no stress, let’s have fun!”, so things […]

Here we go again!

Liebe Tänzer, liebe Freunde,

vieles hat sich die letzten Jahre getan, und manches wird sich in nächster Zeit ändern. Ich habe die Tage zwischen den Jahren (und etwas darüber hinaus) damit verbracht, mir intensiv Gedanken über den weiteren Weg dieses Projekts […]

Vivian at Wilhelmsburger Inselpark | Hamburg

I met with Vivian at the trainstation in Wilhelmsburg, just a few steps ahead of the park. The park itself was part of the IGS in 2013, and the city of Hamburg paid 70 million euros just for its construction […]

Adrienne at Hayns Park | Hamburg

We were lucky enough to catch one of the last summer days for a shooting we both wanted for so long. But as things happen, it took us almost two years to get it done. Our location was at the […]

Asja at Hetlinger Schanze | Hamburg

We survived!

That may describe our shooting best. It all started that it took us double the time to get to the location, thanks to some traffic jam. Two hours later a ship came in that fast that its wave flooded […]

Merle at Stiftung Hamburg Maritim | Hamburg

Living in Hamburg also means living by the water. With the Elbe in reach most hanseatic people just love to hang around the beach on hot days, watching the ships go by bringing goods from all over the world. It’s […]

Anna-Maria at Wohlerspark | Hamburg

It was a long way till I found finally a date for a shooting with Anna-Maria. She was injured, I had no time, but after almost one year we made it. And I was more than happy she agreed to […]

Lina at Fanø | Denmark

There‘s a saying: Third time is a charm. I already had two wonderfull shootings with Lina, but this one wasn‘t really planed at all. Whenever I can I try to involve my dancers or models into my commercial projects as […]

Fiona & Jamie at Stadtpark | Hamburg

So this time it had to be the central park. First thing you may notice there is how hughe it is, wide open areas but also secret places you can be for yourself. And don’t forget about one of europe’s […]