Especially in Hamburg it’s very hard to plan a shooting as long as you depend on the weather. Forecasts are mostly wrong or imprecise, even a look at the clouds won’t tell you the truth. Even better if you’re the winner in this gamble which happened to us this day. Just as we entered the ship to start our shooting the sky lightened up only leaving a few lovely clouds which gave us a dramatic background for our pictures.

I still haven’t found the right word to describe Christelle’s style of dancing, it’s something between pure beauty and breathtaking. Being a professional ballet dancer for years is obvious in every move she makes, completing with a wide variaty of other styles, even yoga poses. So all I had to do is press the button in the right moment and watch the magic happen.

Many thanks to the administration of the Dockland building for the permission. And if you’re interested in the dress Christelle’s wearing take a look at FKK Fashion.


City: Hamburg
Location: Dockland
Dancer: Christelle