Though the Hamburg weather forecast seems to be more gambling than science I gave it a try and met Christine last week at the Flora Park. Located in Hamburg’s Schanzenviertel it has grown from a lower class district to one of the most expensive places to live in the city. But like Asterix and his gallic friends fought against the roman empire you’ll find the left-winged headquarter “Rote Flora” in its centre, right between restaurants and advertising agencies. Right behind you’ll find an eldorado of spots for street photographers. Bur something’s telling me that we seemed to be the first dancing protagonists…

Our first stop was the Flora bowl, one of Hamburg’s best skatespots, but completely abandoned in the morning hours. Getting lost in time & space we shooted until it rained so much we had to take a break. But leaving things half way done behind is none of my qualities, so we met again few days later and finished what has to be done.

Not only that Christine is a natural beauty and wonderful person, she also has perfect control over her body and puts an amazing expression in all of her moves. No wall too high, no pose to difficult. You name it, she’ll do it! Both shootings with her were pure pleasure, thank you very much for participating!


City: Hamburg
Location: Flora Park
Dancer: Christine