The weather this summer is changing very quickly, so it was quite a challenge for Esther and me this monday as we decided to shoot outside. Not even the temperature was changing within minutes (including our dresscode), clouds appeared and dissapeared like Mr. Petrus was playing with a light switch. But even two rain showers couldn’t stop us from shooting for a few hours, first in the backyard of the museum “Deichtorhallen”, later on in the lost and forgotten outskirts of the harbour city. As usual I wished we had more time, but as usual too I’m absolutely happy with the results that came out.

Esther is quite a acrobat, climbing like a monkey and challenging any obstacle you throw into her way. No question that this session was dominated by a stunning performance that let my muscles ache only from watching. Congratulations and a big hug for this amazing shooting.


City: Hamburg
Location: Harbour city
Dancer: Esther