So this time it had to be the central park. First thing you may notice there is how hughe it is, wide open areas but also secret places you can be for yourself. And don’t forget about one of europe’s most modern planetariums. As an attraction for all kinds of people you’ll find there families as well as sportsmen, chillers and everything in between. Lucky us we managed to cross our shooting with father’s day so, as expected, the park filled very quickly with crowds of men, playing music I haven’t heard for years, singing, broiling and of course: drinking. A lot. Women mostly don’t cross their paths on this special day, but with two beautiful, barely dressed ladies and a camera the attention was all ours.

Following Murphy’s law we met some of my friends, laying drunk by the sea. Everybody made jokes about us and tried to impress the girls. But they came with some canoes which we borrowed for a few minutes. Everybody was kidding about the two girls as they entered the boat alone and tried to reach the middle of the sea struggeling with strong side wind. But as they stood up and balanced some figures for minutes without shaking the boat the guys were pretty impressed and got pretty silent. This round goes to the ladies, fellows.

I would totally understand if a girl would had a problem to perform in front of a few drunken males cheering for more, but Fiona & Jamie seemed not impressed at all and showed their skills on every stage we entered. Honestly, I was not sure what to think of a double shooting. I had it once with Mariana & Marcel, and it was great. But they are a couple and showed figures like one. So I wasn’t sure what to expect, but all doubts were blown away from the very first second. Both did very great, double and single. Both with special and unique skills, combining them perfect to one piece of art. And we sure had a lot of fun!


City: Hamburg
Location: Stadtpark
Dancer: Fiona & Jamie