That was awesome! But let’s get started right at the beginning…

Lara wrote me a year ago and asked for a shooting, no question what my answer was. Long story short: we finally made it! Our first location selection was pretty awesome, a forgotten place outside of Hamburg. But one day before our scheduled date we noticed that it’s no longer available. So moving on she came up with the Botanischer Garten, renamed in 2012 to honor germany’s ex-cancelor wife in “Loki Schmidt garden”. The garden itself is run by the biological department of the university of Hamburg, for research and educational purposes. But what happens when you give 25ha to an biological university for free usage can hardly be described in words. I’m really not the flower park guy, but this area just left me speechless! There are little theme areas side by side, all with typical plants, nicely made and cultivated. So it’s just a few steps from switzerland to china to north america (and a japanese zen garden which is so beautiful).

We had the chance to chat with some of the gardeners (incredible kind persons by the way) and noticed immediatly how much heartblood everybody puts into their job. Shame on me that I haven’t been there before, it’s just 20 minutes from the city by tube, its entrance right at the train station, free entry and definitely worth a visit! So many hidden spots where people just hang out, read a book, enjoy the environment and spend a really good time. We were there for 7 hours, any questions left?

Shooting with Lara was just fun. A young, openminded person, laughing a lot and always in a good mood, but very focused and pushing to her limits when things get serious. Offering a hughe variety of poses combined with her beauty and charisma made my job as easy as it could get. Any doubts? We made some pictures as proof!


City: Hamburg
Location: Botansicher Garten
Dancer: Lara