Lara was introduced to me by Suska. Although small at age she’s hughe at talent, no wonder we had a great afternoon experiencing every place and corner around us.

The Gängeviertel is known to most people because of its history as an occupied area within the last few years. A lot of artists, musicians and all kind of open-minded people settled down there creating a unique place for culture, exhibitions, performances and art. A real goldmine for us as we found something precious every few steps to shoot with.

Lara is a real sunshine, from top to toe. Always smiling, laughing and with high spirits. Combined with her amazing dance skills and jumps it was a real pleasure to work with her (if work is the right word in this context). For every location she created something new, astonishing, adapting the environment and adding something unique to it. Like I said: A huge talent and a reccomendation for every dancer, choreograph and photographer to work with.

And last but not least thanks to the Gängeviertel crew for making this shooting possible!


City: Hamburg
Location: Gängeviertel
Dancer: Lara