There‘s a saying: Third time is a charm. I already had two wonderfull shootings with Lina, but this one wasn‘t really planed at all. Whenever I can I try to involve my dancers or models into my commercial projects as well or giving them some start-up aid, cause everybody has to pay some bills. A urban ballet shooting is in some way a great undercover rehearsel: You get a quick and really good impression of how creative and professional the other person is, teamplayer or not, but all under very relaxed and openminded conditions. And if someone is willing to work really hard for a noncommercial art project just to get great results you can be pretty sure about their commitment at paid jobs.

That’s why I asked some of my dancers if they want to travel with me to Denmark for a job. Some conversations got needlessly complicated, some were faithless, but in Lina I found someone I can rely on a hundred percent. Always. And so we found ourselfs last week in a lovely house next to the beach on the beautiful island Fanø. The weather is changing even more quick than in Hamburg which turned sometimes into a total nightmare for our shooting schedules. But in the end we found a few minutes at the last day for a quick urban ballet session. Unfortunately it started to rain so heavy after just half an hour we had to stop and walked back, wet to the bones. A warm shower and a cup of hot tea later we gave it a second try, but this time it rained even more after only 10 minutes of shooting. As it was our last day on the island we didn’t had the chance of a third try, but the few pictures we made were definitely worth the trials.

By the way: Every year in june is the Fanø International Kite Flyers Meeting taking part on the island. Over 5000 kite flyers and a multiple of visitors, all of them in a very friendly and relaxed mood. Definitely worth a visit!


Location: Fanø, Denmark
Dancer: Lina