First shooting of the year started with a big bang! Great location, great dancer, but one at a time.

The city of Hamburg has built a new subway line to make the new harbour city more accessable to people working and living there. Two years ago I tried to get a shooting permission for the construction site which was denied because of security concerns. Once it was finished, but not open to the public, I got a permission, but in december. After consulting my dancer we decided to cancel the date because it has already started to snow and we got minus degrees. Two weeks ago I had a call with Lina, one thing lead to another and faster than you might look we found ourselves in this awesome location.

To be honest: It was still very cold! Although it was a sunny day the thermometer only showed about 10 degrees, and due to the fact that it is a subway station we did not get a single sunray to warm up.

Normally I don’t shoot dancers twice. So I told Lina that if we’re going to shoot I want her to show something new so we wouldn’t have a repetition from our last shooting. Not to forget that the location was totally different to last time, so she really had to be flexible and able to adapt to a new environment. Long story short: She did more than great! Not only that she survived 5h of shooting with her bare feet on the cold ground, “funny” comments of people passing by, she totally amazed me with creativity, disciplin and technical accurancy. At every spot we figured out jumps and moves, she offered me a lot of routines so I just had to press the button at the right time. And once again I have to express my full respect to dancers who seem not to feel any pain, cold or tiredness (or they’re just very good in hiding it). Repeating a jump a douzen times, constantly working on small details and not losing concentration, staying focused, under these conditions, that’s really a hard job.

Propably I am going to repeating myself, but if you ever have the chance to work with Lina: Go for it! She includes just everything mentioned above and I am definitely glad and very thankfull just to know her (she’s a real sunshine too).

Last but not least I want to thank the lovely team of HVV who gave us permission to shoot in a very short and uncomplicated way (which is unusual, sad but true)! And if you’re ever visiting Hamburg take some time and include these subway stations into your tour, it’s definitely worth it!


City: Hamburg
Location: U4 – Überseequartier & Hafencity Universität
Dancer: Lina