This shooting was something I was beginning of not expecting it to happen any more. I had two or three dates with Marcell and every time something came in between: I had to work, he had to work, one of us wasn’t in town etc etc. So I had a bit of a strange feeling when we talked about another date. BUT, negotiating everything that I just said, the truth has to be found in an old saying: The longer it takes, the better it gets. And to be honest: It exceeded all my imaginations! Not only that we finally made it, he brought his beautiful wife Mariana with him too. So I had my first couple shooting and two dancers, what else can you wish for!

Marcell is, besides his great dancing skills, still a little boy in a man’s body. This combination allows him to express himself as a dancer in a way I hardly have seen before: Creative, involving everything around him, playing with his environment and makes everything just look so easy. Mariana is now dancing for over 4 years at the lion king, by far Hamburg’s most successfull musical. So I don’t have to go that much in detail, she’s just amazing and has some perfect control over her body.

And not to forget how lovely both are, as individuals and as a couple. We had so much fun shooting, so many ideas just came out of nowhere and in the end we spent over 6 hours together. To both of you: Thank you so much for this lovely day and all the best to you!


City: Hamburg
Location: Landungsbrücken
Dancers: Mariana & Marcell