Maribel wrote me on Facebook because she had seen the pictures of her friend Anna-Maria and was interested in joining the project. She sent me some pictures of her dancing and a short personal description. Long story short we met few days later in Planten un Bloomen. I’ve shot Kira in the park few months ago, but the area is big enough to find other spots, so we didn’t run out of possibilities.

Although Maribel is an actress, not a professional dancer, she did great. With her I got even the jumps, which are realy difficult to shoot, jut after a few tries, amazing. Everything you expect from a pro is united in her as a person, and she is very kind and funny too. So we had a lot of fun finding our way from spot to spot, trying out different ideas and poses until we lost the sun and it began to get cold.


City: Hamburg
Location: Planten un Bloomen
Dancer: Maribel