Living in Hamburg also means living by the water. With the Elbe in reach most hanseatic people just love to hang around the beach on hot days, watching the ships go by bringing goods from all over the world. It’s really that “gate to the world” feeling I like and no other city could give me.

So with a long tradition of ships and sailors it’s no wonder that we have a museum for that as well. One very beautiful can be found right on the Veddel in the customs-free area, the Hafenmuseum Hamburg. Sharing its space with some nice old trains and wagons you’ll find a lot of old cranes and ships you can visit. One of them is the MS Bleichen, an old ship from 1958 under permanent restauration. I’ve been there for a commercial shooting one year ago and was amazed by its beauty and possibilities. I asked Merle if she was interested in shooting this location and she instantly agreed.

So we found ourselfs few days ago on a ship. Not a big deal, but a different way of shooting. You don’t have that much space, but a lot of possibillities to interact with your environment. And although it wasn’t Merle’s best day, she did really great. Repeating figures till we got our final shot, offering a hughe variety of poses it was again more pleasure than work for me.

Hughe thanks to Fr. Wöst from the Stiftung Hamburg Maritim for the shooting permission and easy handling of our request. All information about the museum and its location can be found on the official website


City: Hamburg
Location: Stiftung Hamburg Maritim
Dancer: Merle