First: Thank you

Even if you’re not intenting to buy a print, we’d like to thank you for your time and interest in this project. As you’re reading this it proofs that you’re interested in art, culture and new ways. You’re the kind of person we try to reach, so thanks for coming by and enjoying this site.

Ordering a print from “urban ballet” is not just an order, it’s a desicion for art and culture (and indeed a sign of very good taste too). As we have high standards for our dancers and pictures we know that our customers have these for quality. So please take a few minutes to read the the following lines.


Limited edition

limited editionAll prints are limited to 9 pieces per picture. If one picture is sold out it won’t be available any longer, nowhere, no matter what you’re willing to pay. With this we ensure that you buy an exclusive piece of art, not just a picture bought on the internet that anyone else can buy too. Within time these prints will become collector’s items and rise in value.



Highest quality

hahnemuehleWe use only best materials for our prints. The paper is from Hahnebühle which sets standards in the quality of image prints and is used in museum quality. The print itself is of brilliant quality and UV-resistent for a few hundred years. With this combination we ensure that you’ll get a high quality piece of art keeping its brilliance for decades without fading.



hologrammAll pictures have a hologram sticker on the back with a individual number. The same number is printed on a certificate of authenticity which comes with your order. Only the combination of print, hologram and certificate declares your buying as an original “urban ballet” picture.



All pictures are printed in 40×60 cm.



The price per picture is 119 Euros incl. 19% VAT + secure shipping. We offer international bank transfer.

We’re not looking for profit. All money earned through this project will be invested right back into it. Every dancer gets a benefit from the pictures sold too. And every year we contribute a part of the money to a nonprofit institution.


Delivery time

All prints are produced on demand, we’re not a warehouse. But we try to ensure that you’ll get your print after 2-3 weeks. As soon as your order is shipped we’ll send you a tracking code so you can track your delivery at any time.


How to order

Simply send us an email to info

[at] urban – ballet dot com with the name and number of the picture, your billing and delivery adress. We’ll get back to you asap with all information needed.