The DOM in Hamburg is that kind of fair you’re wondering more if it’s closed than open. Coming four times a year to our city there are only two sorts of people: Those who like it and those who don’t. I wouldn’t consider myself as a big fan of it, but for this project it offers great contrast between the dancer and his environment.

Fortunately Sina thought the same so we met between a few rain showers at the entrance and started right there without losing time. She’s like a hurricane of energy, high spirits and creativity, and not least due to her sunny smile the clouds broke up after a few minutes and we enjoyed the last warm sunrays of the day. Most people working at the DOM allowed us to shoot at their places, and faster than I could look Sina turned everything into her personal training utility. It was a pure pleasure to work with her which everybody knowing her surely can confirm.


City: Hamburg
Location: DOM
Dancer: Sina