Finally, a shooting! First one this year in july, shame on me, but sometimes things just won’t match, no matter how hard you try. One of the biggest rules at urban ballet is “no stress, let’s have fun!”, so things sometimes might take their time (but thanks for your patience).

I had another spot for Sofie in mind, and preparations went pretty well in spring as the weather, technical problems and 1000 other things crossed our plans. So we decided to shoot in august, again at another location, but as another shooting got canceled by very short notice (the dancer got sick) I called her and two days later she picked me up and we drove to the Elbe. That’s what I call spontaneous, uncomplicated commitment!

The beach in Hamburg has a pretty diversified look, the more you drive away from the city the more silent and peaceful it gets, changing its landscape every few steps and giving you a nice holiday feeling along your way (maybe you remember Asja at Hetlinger Schanze or Britta at Elbstrand). I made a bicycle tour a few days before and saw an old ship wreck, lying at the beach but only visible at low tide. Plus some other nice spots just around the corner waiting to be explored. When I told Sofie about it she agreed immediatly to shoot there, and that’s where we ended up for nearly 8 hours. Starting at the old wreck just at the peak of low tide we got covered by mud to the knees, sliding over wet surfaces and trying to avoid rocks hidden in the muddy water. Sounds bad but was indeed great fun! And I discovered once more how fast the flood is coming, within minutes we had to leave the spot and got a bit wet while making our way back through the breakers. With some other spots on our way we passed the camping ground and finally arrived at the Rissener beach where we took our last pictures and headed back home afterwards.

Shooting with Sofie is really fun. Chatty in breaks but focused and concentrated during the sets we totally forgot about time, laughed a lot and enjoyed the warm summer sun. Not everybody stays in the boat when you’re about to enter some slippy old wreck, walking through muddy water up to your chest and repeat the same jump a douzen times on a wet plank with the flood coming closer every second. I really enjoyed her company and attitude, she is very ambitious about getting the best out of every picture and definitely not aware of her inner and outer beauty. From me, definitely all thumbs up, thank you very much!


City: Hamburg
Location: Falkensteiner Ufer
Dancer: Sofie