When I got Suska’s call I was not really in the mood for a shooting. It was raining like hell outside and I was looking forward to a snugly evening with a good movie and a hot cup of tea. But those who know me also know how hard it is for me to say no, especially in shootings.

And so I found myself one hour later on the rainy streets of Hamburg’s red light district, worldwide known as the Reeperbahn. Shooting in this location is always something special. First of all: You’re never alone, at no day or nighttime. There always a lot of people, tourists, pimps, prostitutes and all kinds of weird looking strange behaving guys you better don’t look straight into the eyes. So it wasn’t a surprise that wherever we appeared a fast growing crowd of nosey people assembled around us. But Suska and Musti did a really great job and made their moves like the professionals they are, not a single argue about the rain or the cold. I’m very proud of both of them and they deserve my full respect for their power and courage!

What appealed me the most was the contrast between the dancers and the locations. We did some quick pictures right in front of the Herbertstrasse, which is only allowed to be entered by men (ladies, don’t risk it, no fun!). Or at the entrance door of the “Ritze”, worldwide known for its box ring in the basement which is also only open for men (if they are invited by an active member of the box club). Only few places have so much stories to tell like the Reeperbahn, the heart of Hamburg and worth a visit every single time. Definitely a shooting to remember. And I finally made a picture I had in my mind for a very long time (guess which one!)


City: Hamburg
Location: Reeperbahn
Dancers: Suska & Musti