Shooting in a cemetery? I know what you think…


The Friedhof Ohlsdorf, located in the north of Hamburg, is an active cemetery. Since its beginning over 1,4 million burials, about 5000 every year. So why in god’s name a ballet shooting in this place? First, it’s the biggest park cemetery in the world. Yes, the world! It even has two bus lines with 22 stops, quite a good idea when you have to cover a space as big as 550 soccer fields.

Although it doesn’t seem like a usual cemetery it has a lot of nice little chapels, historical and modern graves, even some designed by architects. It’s very popular for its rhododendron bloom, but you’ll see a lot of tourists and runners the whole year round. In spite of this it’s still the permanent site for thousands, so we walked around and choose our locations with all the respect this place deserves.

It might sound absurd but we had a lot of fun exploring the park, finding new places and choosing the right pose for the right location. Svan is a student of urban dance in england, but handles the classic stuff too like a pro. Kudos to a young talent ready to enter the world’s stage!

City: Hamburg
Location: Friedhof Ohlsdorf
Dancer: Svan