Some may have noticed that the weather is kind of a big deal for us. Well, if it’s sunny and stable, it’s not, but specially in months like april it’s a real pain in the butt. Sun, clouds, rain, sun again, all in half an hour repeating without rhythm or explanation. So I had to cancel a lot of shootings within the last weeks very shortly because of this fact. None of us is afraid of a little water from the sky, but most dancers have jobs, rehearsels and other important stuff they can’t risk for a shooting in the cold rain with a good chance of getting sick.

So it was like a double jackpot when I met with Svitlana few weeks ago. Sunny day and a wonderfull beauty, motivated and smiling all the time so it was more a pleasure than a shooting. We started our tour at the Laeiszhalle and headed to the church of St. Michaelis making a quick stop at the historical Peterstrasse. Svitlana has the ability to change from a sweet caterpillar into a breathtaking butterfly within seconds. Inconsiderable in normal life you won’t get your eyes off her from the moment she enters the stage. Rarely found so much understatement and breathtaking presence united in one person. Working hard for every picture just to get it right, ambitious till the end, but all in an easy-looking flow that makes everything look so elegant.

And last but not least: Hughe thanks to the public relations team of St. Michaelis for giving us permission not only to shoot but also to use the pictures.


City: Hamburg
Location: Neustadt
Dancer: Svitlana