I met with Vivian at the trainstation in Wilhelmsburg, just a few steps ahead of the park. The park itself was part of the IGS in 2013, and the city of Hamburg paid 70 million euros just for its construction with a total cost of 154 million, but also over 2000 trees were cut down. So what to expect when you know about these facts? Well, it really is a beautiful park, no question. Wide areas with plenty of space, a lot of nice playgrounds, all neat and in very good shape. But it’s not like a natural park, everything feels constructed and planned which offered a lot of possibilities for our shooting.

Vivian was smiling all day long, laughing and is a real fighter. Whenever I asked her for a difficult pose, to climb a tree or jump for a douzen times she just did it with a smile and real passion. So I just had to catch that fire and banish it onto film. Besides that we had a lot of fun in the play areas trying most of the toys by ourselves and making friends with some curious kids.


City: Hamburg
Location: Hayns Park
Dancer: Vivian